$106 Billion: What the Pentagon Owes for Its Pollution

December 6th, 2023 - by Lindsay Koshgarian / National Priorities Project

$106 Billion:
What the Pentagon Owes for Its Pollution
Lindsay Koshgarian / National Priorities Project

DUBAI (December 5, 2023) — Vice President Kamala Harris is in Dubai, a glittering symbol of oil wealth, for the annual world climate gathering COP28.

One thing the world leaders gathered in the petro-state likely won’t be talking much about? The finding from US and UK researchers that the oil-guzzling US military owes the world billions in climate reparations.

The bill for climate reparations
by the US military? 
$106 billion.

Back in the US, daily protests of Israel’s renewed assault on Gaza continue.

Meanwhile, the Senate is working on a request from President Biden for weapons and aid for the war in Ukraine, Israel’s assault on Gaza, and even a possible future war with China.

The total war request? Also $106 billion.

The coincidence is eye-popping. As is the fact that only one of these proposals — the funding for weapons and war — is currently under serious consideration by Congress.

Protesters continue to demand both peace in Gaza, and real solutions on climate. Among those, one of us (Ashik) just returned from a five-day hunger strike at the White House calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza (see the photo below).

These movements have had breakthroughs. The weeklong ceasefire in Gaza and the return of hostages shows what negotiation can do. The next ceasefire can’t come soon enough.

And at COP28, a few wealthy nations agreed on the first contributions to a brand new and much-needed climate loss and damage fund for poor countries. But the US donation stops far short of what’s needed.

Neither of these breakthroughs are near enough, but they show the way forward. Taking the next steps depends on people around the world demanding better.

In solidarity,
Lindsay, Ashik, Alliyah, & the NPP team
National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies

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