ACTION ALERT: Help Us Hold CNN Accountable for Failing Gaza

December 16th, 2023 - by Nour Jaghama / CODEPINK

Hold CNN Accountable for Failing Gaza
Nour Jaghama / CODEPINK

(December 15, 2023) — “I’m not used to seeing Gaza getting bombed that way, even though I lived through four aggressions before…I never saw Gaza like that. I never saw people cut into pieces like that,” Gazan journalist Plestia describes the brutality of the Israeli military in its most recent bombardment of Gaza.

Israel murdered over 19,000 people in Gaza, with nearly half of them being children, over 51,000 people are injured, and thousands more are missing under the rubble, unable to be saved while the carpet-bombing continues.

For 69 days straight, the people of the world continue to rise in a moment of unprecedented mobilization to end Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Israel is entering the third month of its genocidal campaign, despite overwhelming opposition expressed by the majority of the world. However, we have yet to see adequate reporting on protests by outlets that enable Israel like CNN. Instead, organizers across the globe and reporters on the ground in Gaza have taken to social media to broadcast their message.

Join Us in Demanding CNN Take Accountability!

Why CNN? CNN has a pattern of silencing the truth in Palestine. In a livestream from an Israeli settlement miles away from Gaza on October 11, CNN chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward lied about the threat of Hamas rockets on Israel. She reported while laying on the ground, taking cover from a “massive barrage of rockets”, but footage released later shows Ward being the only one laying on the ground, while others directly near her are standing calmly.

In 2018, CNN suspended the contract of commentator Marc Lamont Hill following a speech he delivered at the UN that criticized Israel and advocated for Palestinian human rights.

CNN’s viewership rose when the attacks first broke out, a trend they regularly experience during major international conflicts, including after 9/11 and during the wars in Iraq and Ukraine. Mainstream media has proven to make a killing off killing!

ACTION: Help us get 10,000 signatures demanding CNN call Israel’s attack what it really is—genocide!

When the petition goal is reached, we will have a coordinated action across the US delivering the petition to local offices, forcing them to hear our message. You can bring your message directly to your local news station!

As long as Israel remains an occupying force in Palestine, and as long as it carries out its genocidal campaign, we will rise up against it and every entity that aids and abets in these crimes against humanity. In the US, diligent efforts have moved 62 members of Congress to support a ceasefire, but our success does not end at politicians.

Calls for boycotts have emptied Starbucks locations across the country and Puma announced that it’s ending its sponsorship of the Israeli football team next year. Our action is working. Let’s take our demands to the media, for Bisan, for Motaz, for Plestia, and for Palestinians everywhere!

Towards Peace,
Nour and the entire CODEPINK team