ACTION ALERT: US Troops, Stay Out of Scandinavia!

December 17th, 2023 - by World BEYOND War

ACTION ALERT: US Troops, Stay Out of Scandinavia!
World BEYOND War

A Petition to Scandinavian Parliaments:
Say No to US Military Agreements
in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden

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(December 15, 2023) — We, concerned citizens from many different parts of the world, wish to bring the following observations and recommendation to your attention.

After the Second World War peoples on all continents welcomed and appreciated the constructive, non-confrontational and bridge-building role, that the Nordic countries — Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden — often played in international affairs.

In recent decades the distinct world political identity of the Nordic countries has gradually eroded.Finland’s and Sweden’s decisions, in 2022, to apply for membership in NATO, in which Denmark, Iceland and Norway have long been members, is yet another step in a process whereby the Nordic coutries integrate ever more deeply into a security policy and military alliance with the European Union and the United States of America.

Finland, Sweden and US sign trilateral agreement in 2018.

In June 2022, Norway signed a bilateral Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA) with the United States of America. In Denmark, Finland and Sweden similar DCAs may be ratified in the upcoming months.

The Defense Cooperation Agreements will lead to increased military activity in the Nordic area and the Baltic Sea. The costs to the environment are likely to be high and the rights of the indigenous Sami people of north Norway, Sweden and Finland are at risk.

These Nordic Defense Cooperation Agreements with the USA are also of major global concern. They bring a number of new American military bases to the immediate neighbourhood of Russia’s second largest city, St Petersburg and to military installations in North West Russia. They inevitably increase the tension between Russia and NATO and thereby contribute to further destabilisation of the world order and heightened risk of nuclear war.

We appeal to all members of parliament in Denmark, Finland and Sweden to vote against ratification of the Defense Cooperation Agreement of their respective country with the United States of America.


First signatures:

Rajni Bakshi, India, Founder of YouTube platform Ahimsa Conversations

Patrick Bond, Distinguished Professor and Director of the University of Johannesburg Centre for Social Change, South Africa

Mike Davies, Social landscaper, grower, activist, Harare, Zimbabwe

Arturo Escobar, Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Ashish Kothari, Environmentalist, India

Anat Matar, Senior Lecturer of Philosopy, Tel Aviv University

Mbasa Potelwa, President of Imbokodo Yabathembu Women’s League

Dr. Uma Shankari, Farmer, Concerned Indian citizen, member of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

David Swanson, World BEYOND War, Charlottesville, Virginia

Chico Whitaker, Consulting member of the Brazilian Justice and Peace Commission, co-founder of the World Social Forum

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