NATO Expands into Africa as US Bullies Continent into More Militarism

January 6th, 2024 - by Global Women United for Peace Against NATO

Africa and the Cost of Militarism
Global Women United for Peace Against NATO 

GWUPAN Invites You To a Webinar
January 23rd 2024 at 12.00 EST

(January 4, 2023) — Since the end of the last century with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disappearance of the Soviet Union, NATO is on the move. Its “out of area” military operation in Afghanistan in 2011 lasted for 20 years. Since 1994 the African countries Algeria, Egypt, Mauretania, Morocco and Tunisia are, together with Israel and Jordan, in the NATO partnership program — the Mediterranean Dialog (MD).

NATO thus began a “Global NATO” project to use the NATO military alliance to reach beyond its own charter obligations into the South China Sea, to the Caribbean Sea, and to Australia.

Africa’s long anti-colonial history with its giant leaps forward in development are now being challenged by the re-entry of US/NATO and its ensuing military infrastructure throughout the continent.

Since 2005 NATO has been working with the African Union (AU 55 countries) but the US hasn’t yet found a host country for AFRICOM (Africa Command) in Africa.

It has been located in Stuttgart (Germany) since 2007 and, from there has contact with nearly all African countries.

In this webinar, Women from Africa will share their experience and concerns about these military developments in their communities, countries and the continent.

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