ACTION ALERT: No More Military Aid to Israel

January 15th, 2024 - by Global Exchange, News and Action

Palestine solidarity march in London: Tens of thousands call for ceasefire.

ACTION ALERT: No More Military Aid to Israel
Global Exchange, News and Action

(January 9, 2024) — It’s genocide. There is no other word to describe what Israel is doing in Gaza.

Every ten minutes, a child in Gaza loses one or both legs. A thousand children have faced amputation without anesthetic. The Israeli Defense Force’s ceaseless bombardment has destroyed hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, refugee camps, mosques, churches, and UN shelters.

Carpet bombs flatten entire blocks, and beneath the rubble, human beings are trapped and killed. The IDF attacks have wiped entire families off the civil registry. Over twenty-two thousand people are dead, half of whom are children.

Now, the New Yorker reports that fully 80% of the people currently facing severe starvation in the entire world are in Gaza. You read that right: the estimated 577,000 children, women, men, and elders starving to death in Gaza right now represent fully 4/5th of all the people on the globe experiencing “catastrophic hunger.”

The government of Israel is also attempting to normalize the concept of mass displacement. Already, 1.9 million Gazans have been internally displaced, a figure that represents fully 85 percent of the population. We have seen plans floated to send Gazans to the Sinai Desert and to the Congo. They’re calling it ‘voluntary relocation.’ The proper term is ‘ethnic cleansing.’

The bombing. The starvation. The denial of medical care and aid shipments. These are not tragic accidents. The widespread suffering in Gaza since the October 7th Hamas attacks is the express aim of the Israeli government.

You don’t have to work hard to find examples of genocidal intent from the Israeli government, from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comments about Amalak to the gleeful videos of IDF soldiers committing their war crimes on social media, to a comment from a member of the Knesset, Tali Gottlieb, who spoke approvingly of the mass starvation in Gaza, saying:
“Without hunger and thirst among the Gazan population, we will not be able to recruit collaborators.”

Grotesque, but hardly unique.

Thousands gather in Washington, D.C. in support of Gaza

Moshe Saada, a parliamentarian from Neteyahu’s Likud Party, said on television that he agrees with statements saying, “It’s clear to everyone Gazans must be destroyed.”

Israel’s Ambassador in Britain said the solution for Israel is to level, “Every school, every mosque, every second house” in Gaza.” 

This twitter thread has gathered many of the worst genocidal comments from Israeli officials together in one place. It’s a long list.

Once more, we demand an immediate end to the slaughter. If you haven’t done so already, please take action by signing our call for an immediate ceasefire to the Biden Administration.

Just as the bombardment of Gaza has continued without interruption, so too has the flow of money and weapons from the United States. Despite occasional protestations about restraint, hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons have been sold to Israel by the United States.

This must stop. Not one single cent of money, not one single shipment of weapons. Please, take action today and sign our petition to members of Congress demanding NO MORE MILITARY AID TO ISRAEL

Attend local “ceasefire now” actions. Here is a list of action in the Bay Area and here is a list of other actions happening around the country.
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