War between NATO and Russia “Imminent”

January 16th, 2024 - by The New Voice of Ukraine

Secret German Armed Forces Document
Says War between NATO & Russia Is Imminent

The New Voice of Ukraine

(January 15, 2024) — A major armed conflict between NATO and Russia is imminent if a secret document from the German Armed Forces is to be believed, with Russia invading NATO’s Baltic states as early as July.

The German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) are preparing for a potential hybrid attack by Russia on NATO’s eastern flank this February, reported Bild.

An escalation between NATO and Russia is expected as early as February, a Bild source said, referencing a secret Bundeswehr document.

The confidential document details how a conflict between Russia and NATO might arise, with events unfolding month by month. The culmination involves deployment of hundreds of thousands of NATO soldiers and the start of war in the summer of 2025.

The Bild story builds a scenario for war that focuses on security and avoids specifics regarding the number and movement of NATO troops. The Bundeswehr’s “Defense Alliance 2023” scenario predicts that Russian mobilization will begin in February 2024, followed by a Spring offensive in Ukraine and an attack on the Baltic countries in July. Cyberattacks and other forms of hybrid warfare are expected.

Tensions could peak in October with Russia moving troops and missiles to Kaliningrad (a Russian exclave in Poland — ed.).

“Border conflicts” and “unrests with numerous casualties” are possible in the “Suwalki corridor” (the small corridor between Belarus and Kaliningrad that lies along the Polish-Lithuanian border — ed.) in December. 2024.

Russia could repeat its 2014 invasion of Ukraine on NATO territory with Belarusian support, after the US elections, when the United States might become leaderless.

The scenario ends 30 days after “D-Day,” when NATO, including the Bundeswehr, deploys significant military forces to the eastern flank. However, whether NATO will be able to contain Russia remains an open question in the scenario.

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Suzy K — PLEASE may this NOT be true. On the other hand, based on everything the US/NATO has been willing to do so far, in regards to Ukraine, and in the past to Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and what they have done in the past, with the “Coalition of the Willing”, it could very well be true.

The US Military had already created their plans to go to war against China, by 2014-16, if not before, while they  implemented their previous plan, to overthrow the Ukraine Government and subsequently, the plan to destroy the Russian Nordstream Gas Pipeline.

I assume this was one of the main goals in the first place. Europe depended on this Russian Gas. Now they must pay more to buy US and Canadian gas and the dirty tar sands oil from Canada owned by Koch INC.

The UK Government is a full-on supporter and participant in these actions. MADMEN: cruel, ruthless insanity and this is what the Corporate entities, behind the push for Nuclear War, are demanding in order to insure access to resources- especially oil and gas and power and control for the US Empire. IMHO.

There have been and are, mass protests against the Israeli Genocide of Palestinians, in a number of Nations, including here in the US, but from my life-long experience, this never stops the WAR MACHINE, now that they have the POVERTY DRAFT.

The Wars against Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos ended, primarily because the Vietnamese won, along with resistance on the part of US troops. However, the fact that the overwhelming majority of people in the US were opposed to the War and their sons dying there, made it become a political liability — Daniel Ellsberg’s revelations via the Pentagon papers, certainly played a role, as well.