Starving for Peace: Will Pelosi Listen?

February 5th, 2024 - by Cynthia Papermaster / Environmentalists Against War

Starving for Peace,An Activist’s
Committed Stance: Will Pelosi Listen?
Cynthia Papermaster / Environmentalists Against War

(Note: Cynthia Papermaster, a local Code Pink activist, has been on a hunger-strike for peace in Gaza since January 19. Her many friends and allies are increasingly concerned over her physical well-being.)

(Sunday, February 5)—I’m at Nancy Pelosi’s house today—from 1-3, 2640 Broadway, SF, even if it’s raining—to witness her stubborn refusal to use her considerable power to stop the slaughter, now in Rafah, where apparently millions have sought safe haven and are being bombed.

Have you seen the photos and video of babies, toddlers, and young children, bloody and suffering from the bombing of a kindergarten and refuge camps? Horrifying beyond my heart’s endurance. I weep for our shared humanity and hope for strength to make a difference.

Pelosi thinks and says publicly that those calling for ceasefire are Putin puppets and tools of the Chinese government, showing the world her cold-blooded loyalty to the merchants of death and the Israeli lobby.

What more do her constituents need to see before they demand her resignation? Her cold warrior mentality is warping her sense of humanity, and she is not only NOT serving San Franciscans, she is making them complicit in the Israeli genocide in Gaza, traumatizing any who are conscious.

How are San Francisco voters going to vote for someone who is funding this slaughter in their names? Are they blindly going to vote in March for Pelosi, who has publicly declared herself a war criminal? Genocide isn’t just to be avoided, she has a responsibility to prevent it.

Join me if you wish, and if not, please do whatever you can think of to do to save the remaining people of Gaza from utter genocide. Are your Senators supporting the Sanders resolution to condition $ to Israel on their compliance with humanitarian laws? Here’s the Capitol switchboard # 202-224-3121. Just ask for Laphonza Butler and Alex Padilla, also complicit in genocide.

I’m still able to talk and walk, and I can’t sit by and let this humanitarian disaster just happen. We have an opportunity to call out and fire a crucial Democrat in our Bay Area community. She’s not fit to represent San Francisco.

Love and strength to us all.

Today at Pelosi’s; I Am Determined
(On January 30, Cynthia Papermaster sent the following email to friends and allies.)

I will be at Pelosi’s house today starting at 11am.

Thank you for trying to persuade me to end my open-ended fast for Gaza. I’m not ending it until Pelosi supports a ceasefire. She won’t and so I know I’m risking my life. So be it. I can’t stand by when children are being murdered with my tax dollars, and I blame her for stubbornly supporting Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people and making us all complicit in this genocide. We are all suffering a collective trauma that she is responsible for.

If you, like me, are having trouble sleeping, having nightmares, feeling helpless, feeling guilty, well don’t you need to take your power and end this suffering? We have tried to reach her. The Pope has tried. Her response is to accuse us of being Russian agents.

I repeat, Nancy Pelosi is not fit to Represent San Francisco in Congress.

She needs to step aside so San Francisco and the country can have some sane and compassionate leadership.