ACTION ALERT: We’re Days Away from the Largest Massacre in Modern Middle Eastern History

February 11th, 2024 - by Mike Ferner / Veterans for Peace

“This is going to be a horrifying week.
The time to act to stop this madness is NOW!”
— David Hartsough, co-founder of
Nonviolent Peaceforce and World BEYOND War

ACTION: We’re Days Away from the Largest
in Modern Middle Eastern History
Mike Ferner / Veterans for Peace

Fellow Humans,

(February 10, 2024) — A lifelong activist attorney, who wrote a fire and brimstone letter to the U.S. State Department that will be in many of your inboxes Monday, Terry Lodge, highlights below, what is about to happen in Gaza.

Many of us have been active, bless us one and all.

But every one of us can do something more.

If you’ve told your neighbors and friends already, call and write your elected officials from city councils up to Congress TODAY.

If you’ve done that, write a letter to the editor TODAY.

Then get out in the street with whatever protest you can find or organize.  Now is not the time to be bashful or say you have something else on your schedule…what else is more important than speaking out for human beings about to be slaughtered?

If you’re doing that, find some stout souls who are going to sit down and put a wrench in the gears of the Empire — a politician’s office, the road to a weapons plant, any busy road that will jam business as usual and say “DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY OTHER HUMAN BEINGS OUR MONEY HAS PAID TO KILL AND HOW MANY MORE THERE WILL BE SOON?!”

Any human being worth the name will step forward in the next few days. None of us can say “we didn’t know.”  None of us will want to say “we were just being good Americans.”

Act now.
Mike Ferner, National Director
Veterans For Peace
Navy Corpsman 1969-73

“When I’m Gone” — Phil Ochs
“Can’t add my name into the fight when I’m gone
And I won’t be laughing at the lies when I’m gone
Can’t be singing louder than the guns when I’m gone
So I guess I’ll have to do it while I’m here.”