Russia Outraged by Leaked Tape of German Attack Plans

March 3rd, 2024 - by France24, CRUX, Hindustani Times, The Frontline, CNN

Germany Plots to Aid Ukraine, Attack Russia
Wiretap of Secret War Talks: Berlin to
Investigate Plot for Missile Deliveries
France 24

(March 2, 2024) — Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz says an investigation is under way following publication in Russia of a recording of German air force officers purportedly discussing German support to Ukraine and the possible delivery of Taurus missiles.
Earlier this week, Scholz had said he was reticent to send the long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine, since it could mean Germany’s direct involvement in the war. FRANCE 24’s former Moscow correspondent Nick Holdsworth had more on the story. 

Russia Fumes After German Officials Heard
Discussing Missile Strike On Crimean Bridge

(March 2, 2024) — Russian media claims an alleged leaked audio file contains a recording of German generals discussing the possibility of a strike on the Crimean Bridge. According to the audio, German military officers mulled the options for carrying out an attack on the Crimean Bridge, including using long-range Taurus missiles.
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said NATO had “egg on its face” due to the purported leaked audio between German Bundeswehr officers, according to TASS. Lavrov hit out saying Russia has been completely certain about NATO military activities in Ukraine. The German Defence Ministry said the Military Counterintelligence Service is probing “whether internal communications within the air force” were intercepted.

Russia Furious over Disclosure of
German Plan to Strike Crimea Bridge


Hindustani Times

(March 2, 2024) — Germany launches investigation into a “secret” discussion held by German Generals. The Generals reportedly discussed the possibility of Ukraine blowing up the Crimean Bridge. Russia has demanded an explanation for the “secret” talks. Watch the full video to know more.

“We Have Nukes That Can Hit You,”
Putin Warns as Sweden Joins NATO

The Frontline

(March 2, 2024) — Sweden has become the 32nd nation to join NATO, which has angered Russia. This is because Sweden has shed its years of neutrality and picked the West. President Vladimir Putin says NATO’s expansion is directly aimed at Russia and that he will not hold back on using nuclear weapons if NATO troops are deployed in Ukraine.
Sweden’s inclusion in NATO comes at a time when the security grouping is conducting exercise Steadfast Defender 2024, the largest NATO live-fire drills since the Cold war. Over 90,000 NATO troops are taking part in Steadfast Defender, including Sweden.

Putin Warns of ‘Destruction of Civilization’.
Hear Retired US General’s Response


(March 1, 2024) US Army Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges (Ret.) reacts to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning to the West about the risk of nuclear war if they send their own troops to fight for Ukraine, saying Moscow has the weapons to strike Western targets.