Secret German Plan for Attacks Inside Russia Raise Fears of Wider War

March 8th, 2024 - by Steven Starr / Special to EAW

Russia’s Kerch Bridge was attacked by Ukraine in 2022. Now two
German generals have been caught planning new strike on the bridge.

Panic in Europe Moves NATO Towards 
A Direct Military Conflict with Russia
Steven Starr / Special to EAW

(May 7, 2024) — I encourage you to listen to the interview (link copied below) with Mark Sleboda, who is a Russian expert who lives in Moscow. He tells us news we do not hear in the US.

The intercepted conversation between the two German generals discussing the targeting of the Kerch Bridge with German Taurus missiles also included a discussion of targeting a large Russian arms depot INSIDE RUSSIA (pre-Ukraine War borders).  Let me say that again — Germany is plotting military strikes inside Russia!  The Russians are incensed about this: Medvedev says that “Germany is preparing for war with Russia” and Maria Zakharova have both stated that Germany is still infected with the Nazi ideology and Medvedev stated that Germany needs to be “denazified”.

The deep Russian anger over the 27 million dead fighting the Nazis during WW2 has been thoroughly awakened. (German tanks fighting Russians in Ukraine was already a big first step).  And the Germans, rather than addressing the content of the leaked phone call, are instead characterizing this leaked conversation as “Russian misinformation”. In other words, the Germans refuse to discuss the content of the intercepted conversation.

Apparently the Russians had been monitoring conversations between high-level German military who were using an unsecure website. Sleboda says the Russians considered this conversation important enough to justify exposing (and losing) their source.  Russia chose to reveal the conversation for a few reasons, first to prevent the Taurus missiles from being used against Russia, and also to expose German duplicity, as Scholz has emphatically denied the Taurus missiles would be used against Russia.

Whether or not Scholz was aware of the ongoing planning to attack doesn’t change the threat perceived by Russia.  Basically the German government and the German military — or the German military — were planning missile strikes on Russia.

German Military Officials Caught
Plotting Attack Against Russia

The conversation also included references to American troops operating US weapons systems in Ukraine. This makes perfect sense, as the crews who operate systems such as the Patriot missiles and HIMARS require years of training. Since at least 2022, the US has provided continual aerial reconnaissance information from US AWACS, drones, and satellites to Ukraine (used for targeting Russian troops).

Ukraine reported yesterday that the US is flying its drones within 60 miles of Russian forces to provide information in the Black Sea, where drone attacks are being constantly launched against Crimea, which is Russian territory.

Scholz has just revealed that the British were also operating UK weapon systems against Russia in Ukraine. The British Defense Minister has said UK troops could be sent to Ukraine.  The French President Macron stands by his suggestion that French troops could be sent to Ukraine.

What this means is that the US, the UK, and Germany are fighting an undeclared war against Russia.

There is panic in Europe because it is clear that Ukraine is losing the war and there is no way to prevent this loss. This panic appears to be rapidly moving to escalate the war towards a direct US/NATO-Russian military confrontation.