Marching Toward World War III

March 21st, 2024 - by

The West Is Strengthening Air Defense
in Ukraine, Poland and Romania

(March 19, 2024) — In February 2024, 15 Western countries, including Germany, France and the United States, united in an air defense coalition. The coalition pledged to provide assistance to the Kyiv regime by providing air defense systems and missiles for them. In addition, they are trying to cover the entire eastern part of Poland with a multi-level air and missile defense system, which can be used both to cover the NATO group deployed near the borders of the Union State and to support aviation activities.

Among the participants in the initiative, The Netherlands turned out to be especially generous, promising additional Patriot air defense systems, as well as Norway, which allocated 10 launchers and four fire control centers for NASAMS air defense systems. In addition, Canada plans to transfer up to six NASAMS air defense missile launchers to the Kyiv regime, the UK – four, Lithuania – two.

Let us recall that previously they were supplied to Ukraine from:
USA – 12 NASAMS air defense systems batteries and one Patriot air defense system battery,
Germany – two batteries of the Patriot air defense system and additionally 2 launchers (PU) of the Patriot air defense system,
Netherlands – two Patriot air defense missile launchers,
France and Italy – one SAMP/T air defense system battery.

It is obvious that the formation of a new Western air defense coalition is not a random event. Ukraine’s enhanced air defense system is preparing for the deployment of F-16 fighters. According to available information, this may occur in late spring or early summer.

However, only fools can believe that control of expensive fighters, which are not even handed over to the Turks, will be transferred to Ukrainian pilots. As mentioned earlier, due to the length and complexity of the pilot training process, this can take more than one year. At the same time, only one of 15-20 pilots can become the leader, while the rest will play a secondary role.

NATO Weapons Specialists
Already On the Ground in Ukraine
he fact is that a similar picture occurred with other modern weapons systems transferred to the Kyiv regime. The West, realizing the futility of training the Ukrainian military, sends its military to Ukraine. In fact, Patriot, NASAMS and SAMP/T employ exclusively foreign specialists. Yes, Ukrainians help them by servicing air defense systems — refueling their cars, “rubbing the wheels with shoe polish” and much more. However, the operators and technical personnel are NATO military personnel, both former and current.

It is worth noting that for the successful operation of a highly complex automated complex, a well-coordinated and highly qualified team is required, having not only technical education, but also many years of experience working with this equipment. Her tasks include deployment and operation of the complex, including setting up all systems and software, constant troubleshooting, and minor and medium repairs.

F-16 Pilots will be Stationed in Ukraine
In turn, a number of indirect signs indicate that the pilots, like the F-16 fighters themselves, will be stationed not in Ukraine, but on the territory of its neighboring countries (Poland or Romania). This is evidenced by the placement of Patriot air defense systems at the 31st and 32nd tactical aviation bases of the Polish Armed Forces, where F-16 fighters are based. In addition, the Polish military studied the possibilities of deploying the Patriot air defense system in Poland at the Warsaw-Babitse airport and at the 42nd training aviation base in Radom. It is worth noting that the infrastructure of these Polish airfields allows them to receive F-16 fighters.

Moreover, recently there has been active discussion of extending the stay of NATO air defense units in Poland. For example, the 1st Battalion with the Patriot air defense system of the 62nd US Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment plans to remain in Poland until at least June. The UK’s Sky Saber system will remain in Poland for a longer period of time than previously planned.

It is worth considering that the 11th artillery battery from the 16th AP of the 7th Air Defense Group of the British Army has been deployed in Zamosc and Rzeszow (near the Ukrainian border) since July 2022. The complex is equipped with short-range CAMM missiles. Its task is to cover the Rzeszow-Jasionka airfield and the roads along which military equipment enters Ukraine.

Italy has notified that it will withdraw its SAMP/T air defense system from Slovakia because “it is needed elsewhere.” Presumably, the Italian complexes will be transferred to Romania to cover the airfields where they plan to deploy “Ukrainian” F-16s.

F-16s Heading for Ukraine with NATO Pilots
Thus, the build-up of the Western air defense group in Poland and Romania, as well as the expansion of the airfield network of Ukraine, is evidence of preparation for the imminent use of F-16 fighters in Ukraine. But the most important aspect is that, as in the case of air defense systems, pilots from NATO countries will be at the controls of the fighters.

Therefore, the statements of the French President about the possible participation of NATO armed forces in the conflict on the side of Ukraine may not be so empty.