ACTION ALERT: Kids Versus Climate and Big Oil!

April 18th, 2024 - by Avaaz

“The Most Important Lawsuit on the Planet”

(April 16, 2024) — Dear Avaaz members across the world:
At just 8 years old, my friends and I sued the US government for causing climate chaos. Our case is strong, which is why they’re using dirty legal tactics to try to stop us for good and prevent us from telling our stories in court. But there’s one man who can make sure we are not silenced: President Biden. Sign now and tell Biden to let us go to trial! We’re running out of time, so once this call is massive we’ll march our voices straight to the White House.

My name is Levi. I grew up playing in the waves on a small island off the coast of Florida. It was paradise — until floods almost destroyed my home. Hit by storm after storm, my family was forced to flee far from the ocean that raised me.

Now I’m proud to say my friends and I are suing the biggest polluter in the world: the United States. People call it the lawsuit of the century because it could help save us from planet-wrecking climate chaos.

But the US Department of Justice is doing everything they can to kill our case, and in just a few weeks we might lose our last chance to go to trial and tell our stories in court! They know we can win, and finally hold them accountable for putting our futures in danger.

President Biden is the only person who can stop the government from coming after us, but he doesn’t feel enough global public pressure to step in. So add your name now to tell Biden: let us have our day in court!

I’m not just doing this for children in America — I’m fighting for children across the world. If we win, we could force the US to make real change and phase out fossil fuels!

Our case, Juliana v. United States, is really strong — and that’s why the government is going to desperate lengths to stop us! No other case in US history has faced this kind of government persecution. But unless we act quickly, our case could be thrown out in just a few weeks and we’d lose our last chance to go to trial.

President Biden says he cares about youth, and addressing the climate crisis. We think with enough global public pressure, he’ll stop the Department of Justice from coming after us. He’s the only one who can.

That’s why we’re launching this urgent global petition, and planning a march and press conference in Washington DC in just a few days.

ACTION: Act now and we’ll take our voices from across the world straight to the White House: SIGN HERE

Climate Emergency: Stop Silencing Youth

As global citizens, we urgently call on you to let the Juliana v. United States case proceed to trial without any further delays or obstructions from the US Department of Justice. You’ve said that you support youth and want to address the climate crisis, but your government is abusing emergency powers in an unprecedented attempt to rip this case out of the normal legal process. These 21 brave youth plaintiffs deserve to have their stories heard in front of a trial judge. Let them go to court!

Avaaz members were some of our first supporters when Juliana first started. Thanks to your help and others, we’ve won against 21 different attempts by the US government to kill this case! But this is their final swing against us — and we’re asking for your support one more time. As so many people lose their homes, safety, and security to climate chaos, I’m asking you to stand with us and fight back.

With fierce hope for a better future,
Levi Draheim and the whole team at Avaaz

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