World Citizens Gather to Launch Aid Flotilla to Gaza

April 20th, 2024 - by World BEYOND War

World Citizens Gather in Türkiye
to Launch New Aid Flotilla to Gaza

World BEYOND War

(April 19, 2024) —John Reuwer, World BEYOND War Board Member and Treasurer (pictured above), has arrived in Turkiye to sail on the Gaza Flotilla as parat of an international crew that will attempt to bring aid to the people of Gaza.

Reuwer reports that people are preparing and learning about the 16-year history of the Flotilla from veterans of past missions.

This year’s mission is led by a man whose father was killed by Israeli forces that attacked the Mavi Marmara flotilla ship in 2010.

WBW Advisory Board Member Ann Wright, who orients volunteers from 12 nations, will be accompanying the Flotilla.

World BEYOND War Supports the Gaza Flotilla

Ann Wright addresses flotilla supporters and volunteers.

(April 13, 2024) — World BEYOND War supports the aid flotilla to Gaza and urges the Israeli and US militaries to comply with the law and leave it in peace.

WBW Advisory Board Member Ann Wright, who has been planning the flotilla and will be taking part, discussed those plans with WBW Executive Director David Swanson here.

World BEYOND War Board Member and Treasurer John Reuwer has been dedicating himself to ending the genocide in Gaza for months, and plans to be on the flotilla.

World BEYOND War Advisory Board Members Medea Benjamin will also be sailing, and WBW Advisory Board Member Matt Hoh is assisting with launching the flotilla in Türkiye.

Many other WBW volunteers and friends are part of this courageous effort.

We wish them the very best in staying safe and in bringing aid to people being publicly genocided by the Israeli government with the complicity of the U.S., German, UK, Canadian and other governments.

Israel’s Deadly Attack on the 2010 Civilian Flotilla

Ann Wright on Plans for Gaza Flotilla
David Swanson / Talk World Radio