Poisoned Skies: Big Oil and the Dirty Practice of Flaring Gas

April 24th, 2024 - by Avaaz

Poisoned Skies: Big Oil and
The Dirty Practice of Flaring Gas

(April 23, 2024) — Did you know that fossil fuel giants burn so much gas from oil extraction that it releases more carbon emissions than the UK each year? It could be captured for energy instead, but burning it boosts short-term profits.

BP is one of the biggest polluters behind gas flaring, and they’re facing their shareholders this week. Tell them to stop torching our climate.

By the time you finish reading this, oil companies will have released about 2,000 tons of carbon into the atmosphere just by burning the gas produced by oil extraction. That’s equivalent to the emissions from 434 cars for A WHOLE YEAR.

This is insane. We can’t let them continue to blow up our climate so they can maximize their profits.

So Here’s the Plan
BP, one of the biggest polluters, is facing its shareholders this week — and a massive public outcry can put the issue on their agenda, particularly as they are threatened with a lawsuit over the deadly impact of their massive oil field in Iraq.

We already need to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels to prevent the worst impact of the climate crisis — but gas flaring is making it even worse. Around the world, it’s responsible for more carbon emissions than a big polluter like the UK each year. And it’s poisoning local communities with cancer-causing fumes.

Oil giants could capture this gas instead: it would be enough to power Sub-Saharan Africa. The only reason why they keep burning it is because they can get away with it. It’s time to change that equation.

Every fraction of degree counts in the fight against the climate crisis — and life on Earth can’t afford gas flaring. BP has evaded scrutiny for too long over this reckless practice — but a PR storm could push them to end it now, as they could face a lawsuit over their giant oil field in Iraq. Join now so we can bring them the loudest call possible to their leaders.

Our movement has been at the forefront of the fight for climate justice, and we can’t stop now that everything we hold dear is on the line. We’ve spearheaded the largest climate marches and backed the biggest climate lawsuits in history. And it’s not our first time taking this fight straight to the biggest polluters. Let’s show big oil they can’t hide their dirty secrets anymore.

To BP’s Executive Team, Chair and Shareholders:

As citizens from around the world, we are deeply concerned with your polluting practice of gas flaring. It’s toxic, making people sick, and destabilising our climate. We stand with Hussein Julood, father of the deceased Ali Hussein Julood, and demand that you pay reparations, immediately invest in the necessary infrastructure to clean up your business, and stop gas flaring everywhere before the end of 2024.

ACTION; Add your name now and share this petition – Avaaz will bring our call straight to their annual meeting and headquarters.

With hope and determination, 
John, Laura, Alice, Ruth, Lily and the whole Avaaz team

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