Peacebuilding in Africa

May 4th, 2024 - by Marc Eliot Stein / World BEYOND War

World BEYOND War Africa Organizer Guy Feugap.

The Palaver Tree: Peacebuilding in Africa
Marc Eliot Stein / World BEYOND War

(April 30, 2024) — World BEYOND War is busily organizing against violence and war in various places around the continent of Africa, thanks to the hard work of Guy Feugap, who initially joined this organization as a volunteer, then founded the Cameroon chapter before becoming the Africa organizer and working to forge new relationships with peace activists in Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Burundi, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Togo, Zimbabwe, Gambia, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast and more.

We were thrilled to devote episode 59 of the World BEYOND War podcast talking to Guy about his exciting progress, which can be glimpsed on our new Africa page. As always on the WBW podcast, we had a no-boundaries conversation that touched upon middle children, killer robots, misunderstandings about how diplomacy and negotiation can solve problems, the history of German, English and French colonization in central Africa, the risks of being a peace activist in certain war-torn African countries, and the lack of wide global understanding of cultures and societies in Africa, as well as the wars that plague many regions.

In this interview, Guy Feugap emphasizes the cherished African values that can point the way away from the vicious cycles of endless repetitive war.

Our podcast host in Brooklyn, New York and our guest from Cameroon (who we spoke to as he attended a conference about war technologies in Vienna, Austria) come to a simple conclusion at the end of this fascinating conversation: we already know how to end every current and future war, but there is no will for peace among the greedy, corrupt governments driving our planet to climate disaster and suicide.

There is no magic to diplomacy and compromise, but diplomacy and compromise cannot succeed when governments consider war more profitable than humanity. “We can have peace tomorrow.” We only need to start prioritizing human beings and the path to peace is clear, in Africa and all over the world.

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