Ignoring Gaza Genocide; Normalizing War with Russia

June 7th, 2024 - by Paul Craig Roberts / PaulCraigRoberts.org


Normalizing Genocide in Gaza;
Normalizing War with Russia
Paul Craig Roberts / PaulCraigRoberts.org

(June 6, 2024) — Just as the Israelis are annihilating Gaza, Western leaders are setting up the Western world for the same.

Russia has warned in no uncertain terms that NATO and the US will be held responsible for long-range missiles launched into Russia and that such launches will turn Russia’s conflict with Ukraine into a war between Russia and the West. Putin has asked Western leaders to give clear thought to what they have in mind as their destruction will be the consequence.

It is extraordinary that such a forceful warning is not heard except as an opportunity for more propaganda against Russia.

The British response was to reveal NATO’s plan not for defusing a dangerous situation, but for delivering troops to counter a Russian invasion. In other words, the West poured oil on the fire.

The British newspaper, The Telegraph published an article accusing Putin of “pursuing his paranoid obsession of confronting the West,” thus reversing the facts. It is the West that is confronting Russia in Ukraine, and it is the Western leaders who are preparing their publics for war with Russia.

Putin made it clear that his intervention in Ukraine was limited to Donbas, a Russian province stuck into the Ukraine province of the Soviet Union by Soviet rulers.

When Washington overthrew the Ukrainian government and installed a Russian-hating one, Donbass seceded into two independent republics and formed armed forces to stop the murder of Donbas Russians by the Ukrainian Nazi militias. Both Republics requested Putin to accept them back into Russia where they belong.

The Minsk Agreement:
The Rebuffed Peace Proposal
But Putin refused. Instead, he came up with the Minsk Agreement that would keep Donbas in Ukraine but provide Donbas with semi-autonomy so that courts and armed force could not be used against them. Washington’s puppet government in Kiev banned the use of the Russian language and was set on erasing Russian culture from Donbas.

Putin got Kiev and the Donbas republics to sign the agreement and France and Germany agreed to enforce it. But as the German chancellor and French president later acknowledged, it was a trick to deceive Putin while the US built and equipped a large Ukrainian army to retake the Donbas republics.

Putin tried to avoid this looming conflict with diplomatic efforts in December 2021- February 2022, but was given the cold shoulder by Washington and NATO.

It was not possible for Putin to stand aside while Donbas Russians were slaughtered, as the Arabs have stood aside while Palestinians are slaughtered. Putin was intentionally forced by Washington to intervene in Donbas.

As I predicted, Washington and NATO described the limited intervention as “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” and became progressively more involved.

The conflict dragged on, because having declared the intervention limited, the Kremlin left Kiev able to continue the war, thus playing into Western hands as the West gradually widened the war.

Risking Nuclear Doom to Win a Proxy War
Putin did not expect to be confronted by an insane West willing to risk its existence rather than lose its proxy war against Russia. Currently the West is desperately trying to keep the war alive with long-range missiles to be used against Russian cities and by pulling off a color revolution in Georgia in order to open a second front against Russia.

No Russian leader can submit to missiles sent by the West into Russian territory.  Putin and other members of the Russian leadership have made this clear. If this is the West’s intention, Putin said, Europe and the US can expect serious consequences. The consequences are that every Western country involved will find themselves attacked.

Putin being a reasonable and intelligent man sees no point in war. He did his best to avoid intervening in Ukraine and once at war he has refused to widen the war to all of Ukraine. Putin’s reasonableness in the face of provocations encouraged more provocations, and now as I said would happen his back is to the wall.

The war that is about to happen is being forced on Russia by Washington. We are about to experience the self-suicide of the West over the borders of an artificial country of no consequence to the West. Indeed, no Western country will even defend its own borders.

Faced with the outbreak of a devastating war, what does the insane West do? Does the West sit down with Putin and resolve the situation. No. The West announces its plans of how it is going to get US troops to the front lines to fight Russia.

Do you realize that our leaders have normalized the idea of war with Russia? Clearly our leaders do not understand what this means? Do you?

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