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Earth Day Action Kit

Seven Ideas for Organizing an Anti-War Earth Day Event

(For things individuals can do, such as writing Letters to the Editor, click here.)

1. Host a table at an Earth Day event. Contact your local Earth Day organizer – visit www.earthday.org/events/ – to locate an event in your area, and ask if it’s possible to host an information table. Your friends and colleagues can take turns staffing the table, which should have a sign, handouts, and a jar to collect donations. You can download and make copies of leaflets and fact sheets here. Click here for a printable graphic that can go on signs and other materials.

2. Leaflet at your local Earth Day Event. If it is too late to host a table, get a group of friends together and hand out leaflets at the Earth Day event.

3. Host a video party. “Hidden Wars of Desert Storm” is a 64-minute video that was the result of a two-year investigation. It can be ordered through Global Exchange. Video screenings can be done at home, in classrooms, at your place of worship, etc. After the screening, consider leading a discussion on the video and passing around a hat to raise money for Environmentalists Against War. (Checks and tax-deductible donations can be sent to Environmentalists Against War, 1713 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, CA 94131.)

4. Host an Earth Day sign-making party for your next local peace rally. For suggested slogans, click here).

5. Organize a fun photo-op. For Earth Day 2001, a group of students from Los Angeles laid down on a large lawn and formed a giant sun that said “Go Solar” (see www.earthday.org/events/events-us.stm). And this year, nude women have posed in locations from Byron Bayon, Australia to Point Reyes, California spelling out messages of peace. Clothed or not, you can spell out your own (short) message, and invite local newspaper photographers to cover your event.

6. Organize an Earth Day action during the morning/evening commute. Do you live in an area where commuters are stuck on highways while driving to work? Consider creating some large and colorful banners to hang or hold on bridges that stretch across key highways. Pick slogans that make the link between the war and oil, such as “How many lives per gallon?” or “No Blood for Oil!”

7. Form an SUV ticketing team. Gather some friends, print out a stack of SUV “environmental tickets,” and head to your nearest parking lot. Place these fake and funny tickets on the windshields of SUVs and large trucks. Visit BAA for downloadable tickets and tips on giving them out.

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