COVID-19 and the Pentagon

May 1st, 2020 - by Gar Smith / Environmentalists Against War

The Pandemic is Mightier than the Sword

Gar Smith / Environmentalists Against War

BERKELEY, Calif. (April 30, 2020) — For decades, anti-war organizations from every corner of the Earth have tried in vain to rein-in the Military Industrial Complex. Despite millions of letters written, thousands of petitions filed, and hundreds of massive marches and protests staged around the world, the Pentagon and the world’s War Barons (including Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, General Electric and BAE) have continued to instigate “endless wars-of-of-choice” in the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. 

It began to look like no force on Earth could prevent the Pentagon and its NATO accomplices from threatening, attacking, invading, bombing, occupying and decimating any country on Earth.

But that all changed with the arrival of an invisible viral “enemy” now known as COVID-19. Faced with a spreading global contagion that can’t be stopped with bombs or economic sanctions, America’s admirals and generals may be compelled to drop their weapons — exchanging M-1 rifles for N95 masks — and hunker down in antiseptic bunkers. 

It’s time to confront a stark new reality: The Pentagon has proven to be incapable of repulsing the pandemic onslaught staged by the novel coronavirus. 

Let’s survey the new post-coronavirus battlefield.

The Pentagon Is in Retreat

The USS Roosevelt, a mighty nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, has been disabled by the disease. And the Roosevelt is not alone. Sailors aboard the USS Reagan have also been infected by the COVID-19 virus. Eleven nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are at risk. Potentially, all 355 active vessels in the Navy’s armada are vulnerable. (And it’s anybody’s guess what’s happening inside the Navy’s 60-plus nuclear-powered submarines quietly plying the depths of the world’s oceans.)

Meanwhile, the future of the world’s largest, multinational naval military exercise, RIMPAC (for Rim of the Pacific) — a massive imperial display of force involving hundreds of ships from 25 US-allied nations — has been put in doubt. (The USS Roosevelt definitely looks like a no-show.)

In Canada, our neighbor to the north, one of the world’s biggest weapons expos — CANSEC 2020, expected to open on June 2 and draw a crowd of 12,000 arms dealers and shoppers — was recently cancelled by theCanadian Association of Defence and Security Industries, owing to COVID-19 exposure fears.

Even Saudi Arabia’s long-running war in Yemen — credited with creating planet’s “the greatest humanitarian disaster” — has been suddenly curtailed by the intervention of COVID-19’s invisible viral shock-troops. 

As Consortium News reported on April 8: “At least 150 members of the Saudi royal family have been infected and, as a result, Riyadh is seeking to end its five-year disastrous assault on Yemen.” With some members of the royal family now in intensive care units, 84-year old King Salman and Saudi strongman Muhammad bin Salman have fled the capitol and are sheltering-in-place on an island in the Red Sea. 

For the past month, the sheer power of this invisible protagonist has been a subject of attention on the Berkeley-based anti-war website, Environmentalists Against War.

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Gar Smith is a Project Censored award-winning journalist and the author of Nuclear Roulette and The War and Environment Reader. He is a boardmember of World Beyond War and is a co-founder of Environmentalists Against War.