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Ecocide in Gaza: Crimes Beyond Genocide

March 31st, 2024 - by Kaamil Ahmed, Damien Gayle and Aseel Mousa / Guardian UK

As Famine Grows, US OKs More Bombs for Israel

March 31st, 2024 - by Humeyra Pamuk and Idrees Ali / Reuters

War In Sudan Is Starving Millions

March 31st, 2024 - by Virginia Pietromarchi / Al Jazeera

Biden to Spend Trillions — Yes, Trillions — on More Nuclear Weapons

March 31st, 2024 - by Jonathan King and Richard Krushnic / Truthout

Another State Department Officer Quits over Gaza Genocide

March 30th, 2024 - by Annelle Shelin / CNN

US Continues to Prepare for War with China

March 30th, 2024 - by Tyler Durden / ZeroHedge

EU Leaders, Stop the Warmongering!

March 30th, 2024 - by Florina Tufescu / World BEYOND War

New Mexico’s Nuclear Waste Isolation Project Marks 25 Years of Operation

March 30th, 2024 - by Adrian Hedden / Las Cruces Sun

Pentagon Spending and National (In)Security

March 29th, 2024 - by William J. Astore / CounterPunch

How Many Have Died in America’s Post-9/11 Wars?

March 29th, 2024 - by Nicolas J. S. Davies / MintPress News & Donald Smith / Progressive Memes

Remembering NATO’s Illegal 1999 Assault on Yugoslavia

March 29th, 2024 - by No to NATO International Conference

NATO Plans to Expand Airfields in Poland and Romania

March 29th, 2024 - by Nikolay Krylov / Belvpo.com

The Ghosts of Gaza Are Whispering Every Night

March 28th, 2024 - by Retired Army Col. Ann Wright / World BEYOND War

World Ignores Sudan Hunger Crisis

March 28th, 2024 - by Amy Goodman / Democracy Now!

Failure Is the Pentagon’s Ultimate Success Story

March 28th, 2024 - by Tom Englehardt & Julia Gledhill and William Hartung / TomDispatch

Good News on the Energy Transition Campaign

March 28th, 2024 - by Holly Bender / Sierra Club

An Escalatory Game for Fools and Madmen

March 27th, 2024 - by Matthew Hoh / Antiwar.com

Ukraine Demands Russia Account for War’s Environmental Damage

March 27th, 2024 - by Aleiandro de la Garza / TIME Magazine

Artificial Intelligence and the Stupidity of War

March 27th, 2024 - by William Hartung / Forbes

ACTION; Cut Off War Funds by Stopping the Congressional Discharge Petition

March 27th, 2024 - by John V. Walsh / Antiwar.com

Escalation and Provocation: Macron’s Road to Nuclear War

March 26th, 2024 - by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity / Information Clearing House

The Children Who Lost Limbs in Gaza

March 26th, 2024 - by Eliza Griswold / The New Yorker

Ukraine Threatens to Widen War with Russia

March 26th, 2024 - by Chris Panella / Business Insider

The Hidden Story Behind the False Reports on October 7

March 26th, 2024 - by Chris Hedges / Peace and Planet News & Maureen Tkacik / The Prospect

Israel Targets More than 400 Hospitals, Killing Hundreds

March 25th, 2024 - by Kyle Anzalone / Libertarian Institute

UN Rep Says US Complicit in Israeli Genocide

March 25th, 2024 - by Al Jazeera & The Independent

Why US Proposal for Gaza Ceasefire Failed at UN

March 25th, 2024 - by Trita Parsi / Responsible Statecraft

The Pentagon’s Secret Empire of Killer Drones in Africa

March 25th, 2024 - by Mohammed Abunahe / World BEYOND War

We Got Canada to Agree to Stop Arms Exports to Israel!

March 24th, 2024 - by Rachel Small / World BEYOND War

Sanders Tells US to Follow Canada’s Example: Halt Arms Exports to Israel

March 24th, 2024 - by Jake Johnson / Common Dreams

ACTION ALERT: Call Out the US Firms Prospering Off Israel’s War on Gaza

March 24th, 2024 - by CODEPINK Congress

Negotiation or Incineration: The Urgency of Diplomacy

March 24th, 2024 - by Jeffrey D. Sachs / Common Dreams

ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress to Save the UNRWA

March 23rd, 2024 - by MoveOn.org

Cutting the Pentagon Down to Size

March 23rd, 2024 - by William J. Astore / LA Progressive

Russia and NATO Preparing for War

March 23rd, 2024 - by Iryna Voichuk / Euromaidan

Corporate Criminals: The Companies Profiting off Genocide

March 23rd, 2024 - by American Friends Service Committee

Dancing with Nuclear Death

March 22nd, 2024 - by Tr0-Vslley CARES

NATO Provocation: New Base to Be Built Near Ukraine

March 22nd, 2024 - by RT News

The Pro-Peace Case to Stop Changing Our Clocks

March 22nd, 2024 - by David Swanson / World BEYOND War

Veterans Administration Cutting Services to Those Who Served

March 22nd, 2024 - by Eric Katz / Government Executive & Buzz Davis / Veterans For Peace

The Unimaginable Suffering of Gaza’s Children

March 21st, 2024 - by Catherine Russell/CNN

Marching Toward World War III

March 21st, 2024 - by Belvpo.com

ACTION ALERT: Invoke US Humanitarian Law — No Arms for israel

March 21st, 2024 - by Kevin Martin / Peace Action & Sen. Bernie Sanders / Our Revolution

UN Issues Stark Warning on Increasing Climate Calamity

March 21st, 2024 - by Al Jazeera

Macron Vows to Send French Troops to Russian Border

March 20th, 2024 - by TASS Russian News Agency

Putin Sends New Warnings of Approaching Nuclear Catastrophe

March 20th, 2024 - by Newsweek

On the 70th Anniversary of the Largest US Nuclear Blast

March 20th, 2024 - by Helen Jaccard and Gerry Condon / People and Planet News

Actual US Military Spending Hit $1.537 Trillion in 2022

March 20th, 2024 - by Gisela Cernadas and John Bellamy Foster / Monthly Review

A Revolution in American Foreign Policy

March 19th, 2024 - by Bernie Sanders // Foreign Affairs

Susan Crane’s Witness: California Activist Jailed in Germany

March 19th, 2024 - by Nukewatch & The Nuclear Resister

Protests for Gaza Block Two US Air Bases

March 19th, 2024 - by Wynd Kaufmyn and Toby Blomé / CODEPINK

US Ignores Japan’s Concerns as Ospreys Continue to Crash

March 19th, 2024 - by Reiho Takeuchi / Antiwar.com

US Gives Israel Billions So It Can Spend Billions to Buy US Arms

March 18th, 2024 - by Bill Astore / Peace and Planet News

UNICEF Says Israel Has Killed Over 13,000 Children in Gaza

March 18th, 2024 - by Dave DeCamp / Antiwar.com

Call for Biden to Impose Sanctions on Israel to Secure Ceasefire

March 18th, 2024 - by The Palestinian Information Center

US-Trained Troops Staged Coup that Ended Niger Democracy

March 18th, 2024 - by Dalatou Mamane / Associated Press

German Military Caught Taking Orders from US for Attack on Russia

March 17th, 2024 - by Pepe Escobar / Strategic Culture

Houthis Make a Mockery of Pentagon’s $2 Million Drones

March 17th, 2024 - by Brad Dress / The Hill

Palestinian Starvation Has Echoes of Irish Famine

March 17th, 2024 - by Kathy Kelly / LA Progressive

ACTION ALERT: Stop Illegal Shipments of Arms to Israel

March 17th, 2024 - by Win Without War

In Midst of Conflict, Millions Face Starvation in Sudan

March 16th, 2024 - by Sudan Tribune

US Troops Arrive in Taiwan

March 16th, 2024 - by Dave DeCamp / Antiwar.com

US Bombs Somalia for Second Time This Month

March 16th, 2024 - by Dave DeCamp / Antiwar.com

Remembering the Beauty of Ramadan in Gaza

March 16th, 2024 - by Eman Alhaj Ali / Al Jazeera

BDS The US — The World Must Hold the US to the Rule of Law

March 15th, 2024 - by World BEYOND War

Baseless Claim that UN Relief Agency Had Hamas Ties

March 15th, 2024 - by Kyle Anzalone / The Libertarian Institute

Israel Forced “Confessions” of HAMAS Links

March 15th, 2024 - by Tom Perry, Angus MacDowall and James Mackenzie / Reuters

Julian Assange and the Sickness of US Prisons

March 15th, 2024 - by John Kiriakou / Consortium News

Putin Threatens To Use Nukes as NATO Continues Sabre Rattling

March 14th, 2024 - by Connor Freeman / AntiWar.com

Time To End World’s Longest Occupation

March 14th, 2024 - by Ramzy Baroud / AntiWar.com

Stumbling into WW III

March 14th, 2024 - by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies / CODEPINK

Risk of Nuclear War Rises by the Day

March 14th, 2024 - by Vantage, FirstPost et al.

ACTION ALERT: No More Money for Massacres; Ceasefire Now!

March 13th, 2024 - by If Not Now

US on Track to Spend Billions Building More A-Bombs

March 13th, 2024 - by Greg Mello / Los Alamos Study Group

NATO Sending Troops to Ukraine Since 2023

March 13th, 2024 - by Dave DeCamp / AntiWar.com

UN Expert: Israel Is Engineering Famine in Gaza

March 13th, 2024 - by David Kattenberg / Mondoweiss

ACTION ALERT: Join the Mobilization Against Boeing’s Defense Suppliers Summit

March 12th, 2024 - by Wade Phillips, Mary Cogan Paterson & Will Alleckson / The Stranger

Gaza Famine Threatens a Half-Million

March 12th, 2024 - by Al Jazeera

The Soundbyte That Abolishes War

March 12th, 2024 - by David Swanson / World BEYOND War

Will Aaron Bushnell’s Suicide Trigger an Anarchism Witch Hunt?

March 12th, 2024 - by Ken Klippenstein / The Intercept

German Military Leak Says UK Soldiers ‘on the Ground’ in Ukraine

March 11th, 2024 - by Dan Sabbagh and Kate Connolly / The Guardian & Veronika Melkozerova / Politico

Pope Francis Calls for the Courage to End Ukraine War

March 11th, 2024 - by Yurii Sheliazhenko / Ukrainian Pacifist Movement

Gaza Aid by Air, Sea, No Substitute for Land Deliveries

March 11th, 2024 - by The New Arab Staff & Agencies

Why Air Drops of Food Are Failing to Deliver Real Relief

March 11th, 2024 - by Nadda Osman / Middle East Eye

Oppenheimer: From the Oscars to Nuclear Protests

March 10th, 2024 - by UNFOLD ZERO

Pope Calls on Ukraine to Negotiate an End to War

March 10th, 2024 - by Philip Pullella / Reuters

Macron Ready to Send Troops to Ukraine: WWIII Looms

March 10th, 2024 - by Kyiv Post

Spreading the Declaration of Peace

March 10th, 2024 - by World BEYOND War / ActionNetwork

Ukraine-Russia War Could Have Been Avoided: A Peace Treaty Existed

March 9th, 2024 - by Ted Snider / AntiWar.com

Drone Crimes Whistleblower Calls Out Joe Biden

March 9th, 2024 - by Daniel Hale / Al Jazeera

ACTION ALERT: Denounce US/CIA Assassination Plots

March 9th, 2024 - by Alliance for Global Justice

Ex-Senator Claims US Arms to Israel Violates Leahy Act

March 9th, 2024 - by Katie Hawkinson and Eric Garcia / The Independent

Secret German Plan for Attacks Inside Russia Raise Fears of Wider War

March 8th, 2024 - by Steven Starr / Special to EAW

How US Sent Covert Arms to Fuel Israel’s Genocide

March 8th, 2024 - by Andre Damon / World Socialist Web Site

ACTION ALERT: Biden’s Covert Arms Shipments to Israel

March 8th, 2024 - by Veterans For Peace / RootsAction

They Lied About Afghanistan, Iraq, and Ukraine

March 8th, 2024 - by Chris Hedges / The Chris Hedges Reportn

Desperately Needed: A Planetary Ceasefire

March 7th, 2024 - by Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch

Australia’s PM Learns He’s Not Above World Law

March 7th, 2024 - by Margaret Reynolds / Pearls and Irritations & Birchgrove Legal

US to Move NATO Nukes to Finland, Sweden

March 7th, 2024 - by TASS & Stuart Lau / Politico

NATO, Nukes and World War III

March 7th, 2024 - by César Caprioli / Jacobin Magazine

Rep. Barbara Lee Makes Gaza a Campaign Issue

March 6th, 2024 - by Ali Harb / Al Jazeera

Whistleblower Daniel Hale Finally Released From Prison

March 6th, 2024 - by Kevin Gosztola / The Dissenter

A Summit for Global Dominance and Global Destruction

March 6th, 2024 - by Anthony Donovan / Pressenza

Palestinian Fishers Risk Death to Feed Starving Gazans

March 6th, 2024 - by Abubaker Abed / Miiddle East Eye

Sanders on Gaza: Blocking Food and Water Is a Violation of US Law

March 5th, 2024 - by Jon Queally / Common Dreams & Jake Johnson / Common Dreams

Yemen War Costs Pentagon but Enriches US Arm-makers

March 5th, 2024 - by Brad Dress / The Hill

War Is Bad for You — And the Economy

March 5th, 2024 - by Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch & William Hartung / TomDispatch

MilSpeak: A Glossary of Empire

March 5th, 2024 - by David Swanson / World BEYOND War

China Attempts to Avoid a Nuclear War

March 4th, 2024 - by Liz Lee / Reuters

UN Warns of Israeli War Crimes as Rafah Invasion Looms

March 4th, 2024 - by Olivia Rosane / Common Dreams

US Vetoes UN Criticism of Mass Killing of Hungry Gazans

March 4th, 2024 - by Jake Johnson / Common Dreams

Pollution Threatens Pollinators

March 4th, 2024 - by Moriah McDonald / Inside Climate News

Pentagon Chief Predicts Nuclear War with Russia

March 3rd, 2024 - by Tyler Durden / ZeroHedge

Pentagon Calls for Violating Treaty; Adding More Warheads to US ICBMs

March 3rd, 2024 - by Joseph Trevithick / The War Zone

NATO on Edge of Direct Conflict With Russia

March 3rd, 2024 - by Ekaterine Blinova / Sputnik Globe

Russia Outraged by Leaked Tape of German Attack Plans

March 3rd, 2024 - by France24, CRUX, Hindustani Times, The Frontline, CNN

Albert Einstein’s Warning about Nuclear War

March 2nd, 2024 - by Lawrence S. Wittner / Peace Voice

The Situation in Gaza Can Only Get Worse

March 2nd, 2024 - by Isaac Chotiner / The New Yorker

Statement on Israeli’s Use of Starvation as a Tool of Genocide

March 2nd, 2024 - by International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine & Union of Agricultural Work Committees

US Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Israel for Food Aid Massacre

March 2nd, 2024 - by Kyle Anzalone / Antiwar.com

Gaza Children Starting to Die of Starvation

March 1st, 2024 - by Brett Wilkins / Common Dreams

Netanyahu’s ‘Day After’ Plan for Gaza

March 1st, 2024 - by Alon Pinkas / Haaretz

Suicide Protestor and US Role in Gaza Killings

March 1st, 2024 - by The Palestine Chronicle Staff

Exposed: US Role in the “Unprovoked War” in Ukraine

March 1st, 2024 - by Patrick Martin / World Socialist Web Site

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